It’s time for theatre in Bibione: Monday, July 17 at 9.15 pm at the Arena Parco del Donatore in via Vega, next to the Parish Church Santa Maria Assunta, will be set up the show “Gran Casinò: storie di chi gioca sulla pelle degli altri” (Grand Casino: Stories of those who put the skin of others at stake).

The main interpreter is Fabrizio De Giovanni with his Company Itineraria Teatro, which since 1994 produces and realizes only civil theatre shows nationwide. Starting from the affirmation of Pope Bergoglio that “gambling is a social cancer” and that this type of game is legal and publicized, the representation wants to stimulate the indignation of the people and motivate them so that they can “fight” in some way what now has become a social plague.

The evening will be introduced by Toni Mira, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Avvenire and expert on the theme of “Azzardopoli Italiana”.

In case of rain, the show will take place at the Parish auditorium “Al Giovane” in via Antares, 20.

For more information about the event, completely free, and for details on the timetable:

When summer does not mean just fun, sun and sea but also social commitment!