When holiday means creative innovation but, at the same time, it is also a look for a “human” and intimate dimension: this is Bibione Urban Hugs, a work designed by the Milanese studio Stefano Boeri Architetti, who waits for the guests of the Venetian seaside resort on Thursday 13th July from 6 pm in Viale dei Ginepri 95 in Pineda.

The original work, made with the wood of the Friuli Venezia Giulia chain, is composed of 95 cylinders of 5 meters of height resting on a circular wooden platform; this enclosure wants to represent a physical limit that allows stopping, in pairs, and isolating itself from the rhythms of everyday life. A space with an internal diameter of one meter, where people can huddle together, protected from traffic but still in contact with urban life.

The whole is made even more suggestive by a lighting system for the evening hours and by the accompaniment of Piero Salvatori to the cello, with an audio track taken from his latest album Flyaway, published by Sony Music in 2016.

The project, conceived for the Fuori Salone del Mobile 2017 held last April in Milan, wants to represent a prototype of public space, which hosts and promotes the gesture of embracing someone: a friend, a stranger, a love, a relative; a place where people can be close when, nowadays, we are all always in a hurry and everyone always closed in their cocoon.

Therefore let’s meet in Bibione Pineda to rediscover his human and affective dimension; you can do it until September 10th!


Pic thanks to: FB https://www.facebook.com/StefanoBoeriArchitetti