The typical products of an area reveal its residents’ character.

Wine and cuisine, likewise, help in understanding the thousand ways we show hospitality and our welcoming attitude. In Bibione, that means our hotels.

Authentic products

Fresh, seasonal products and homemade sweets highlight a varied, authentic culinary offering that is ready to satisfy even the most demanding palates. The quality of one’s holiday can also be judged at the table.

Menus for all tastes

There are dedicated menus and customised for children and guests who may be coping with specific food intolerances. Even fans of vegetarian and vegan food will find dishes that suit and satisfy their eating habits.

First-rate hospitality

Bibione’s hoteliers have one goal: to care for your health without disappointing your palate, and they do this thanks to the genuine food produced in local farms in the inland areas.

Small gourmet surprises

A variety of food products represent the culinary tradition of Bibione.
Just think of the white asparagus, to which Bibione has dedicated an April festival for years, the bluefish caught fresh in the waters of the Adriatic and organically produced in the ValGrande fishing area, the rows of fruits and vegetables that are carefully grown in the green expanses of the inland. And don’t forget the fine wines produced in the countryside of Lison Pramaggiore, where the vineyards are part of an uncontaminated landscape enhanced by valuable historic artistic representations.
All this means that the cuisine of Bibione uses genuine, authentic products offered by the land and sea, which, taken together, create a mosaic of flavours and a wealth of recipes inspired by traditional Venetian cooking that have also been updated with creative, modern touches by local chefs.

Food for the children.

You can eat healthy on holiday!

What is a mother’s biggest worry when it comes to her kids? Getting them to eat well and grow up healthy! At home with the normal daily routines, all is well, but when the family goes on holiday the first worries crop up: will there be appropriate menus for the children?
The answer in Bibione is yes, absolutely, and those menus can be customised, too. Bibione’s hotels show special hospitality to children. Every day at lunch or dinner, parents can choose made-to-order food from menus dedicated to their little ones, or ask for special meals to be cooked on the spot. This is even more important for children with food intolerances.
Sophistication and care are also taken with the homemade sweets and snacks created for the afternoon. In Bibione’s hotels, the menus are designed based on recommendations from paediatric nutritionists, so that nutritional values are balanced in truly healthy meals. This is why a holiday in Bibione can be the best, most anticipated part of the year. Even at the table.

In Bibione, organic groceries with 0 Km products

Fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses and sausages, oil-packed products and jams made with honey, PDO wines from Lison Pramaggiore and Piave – all can be purchased at the Bibione Farmers’ Cooperative and all are genuine, selected, very local (0 Km) products. Want an example? The famous white asparagus with a history and tradition tied to the Cooperative, which was founded in 1959 by 14 Istrian exiles who brought the farming traditions of their native land to Bibione, thus guaranteeing high-quality products.
When leaving Bibione, you will see the Cooperative on your right: buy some of these authentic products and you will take home the aromas and flavours of an extraordinary, lovingly cultivated land to remind you of the people who live there.