Bibione is the perfect place for those who can’t get enough of sports even on holiday, those who want to devote themselves to physical activity in the fresh air.

Agile, fast, dynamic. This is Bibione’s personality. This seaside town offers an impressive variety of facilities to keep its guests in shape and in training, One of its strong suits is the extraordinary size of the shore area, where you can play many beach versions of sports without being disturbed and, just as nice, without having to worry about disturbing anyone.

Vitality for everybody

Those who love beach-volleyball, beach-tennis and beach-soccer don’t need to worry about finding courts available. Nets and courts for games are provided at many points along the shoreline. Those who don’t want to work too hard can always enjoy bowls (bocce), the oldest beach game there is, suitable for all ages. It also satisfies fans of sports fishing with long-casting.

Between the wind and the waves, a dive into the blue

The shore is what marks the border with the sea, that natural stage where a passion for the waves, the wind and the underwater come out. There’s a bit of everything here, from surfing to sailing, from kayaking to canoeing, from water skiing to paragliding – and don’t forget scuba diving near the rocky formations called ‘tegnue’ by local fishers.

Natural energy

If you would like to stay on terra firma, there is nothing better than jogging and Nordic walking along the Bibione beach. Its 8 km of shoreline can even satisfy those who go for long distances. Another possibility is horseback excursions along the Tagliamento River, in total contact with nature.

3 Product Clubs for the athletic!

Club Bibione Bike Hotels for a holiday on two wheels.
There are many customisable services for both amateur and athletic bicyclists. Its 50 km of wonderful itineraries make Bibione an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts. Discover more.

Club Bibione Walking Hotels for excitement at your own pace.
For walks along the seashore or nature excursions among wild horses and rare orchids, many hotels make available Nordic Walking poles. Discover more.

Club Bibione Golf Hotels for endless play.
Nestled in a unique natural setting, the Golf Club of Lignano is not only a great place to spend a day playing golf, but also a great place to perfect your swing! Discover more.

Discover bicycling routes for families and athletes

A bicycle certainly ensures a different way to experience the beauties of an area: In Bibione, you can do this either as a family on paths that take a few hours, or with athletic friends in training programmes with excursions to experience over an entire day. Detailed guides and maps help you to choose the perfect route.

Discover more

But there’s lots more….

Fitness clubs facing the sea.

Many of Bibione’s hotels offer indoor and outdoor spaces outfitted to keep you in shape. That workout will be exciting because this travellator allows you to enjoy the blue of the sea, the green pine groves and the orange hues of sunsets over the lagoon.

On the seabed…

“Bibione and the Sea”, the 50-hectare underwater marine park, is open to tourists. Aficionados of scuba diving and fishing trips can simply visit and, in the section for the marine park, sign up for guided excursions to discover the marine environment. The part of the sea that laps against Bibione holds a bit of undersea treasure.

MammaFit, to get back in shape along with your child.

This is an exercise programme for new mothers that allows them to get physical exercise with their children. Toning exercises, muscle stretches and abdominal recovery: all can be done along with pushchairs, prams and baby carriers.

Tennis: from the golden sand to the red earth.

Many tennis courts allow a simple match or taking either basic or advanced lessons. The Community Tennis Centre offers either individual or group courses and sports campuses with ITF instructors, from May to September.

Horse riding excursions into Bibione’s unique and spectacular nature.

The La Braida Horse-riding Centre offers amazing outings suitable for all ages along the Tagliamento River, where you can discover ValGrande and the nature areas near the Lighthouse or the countryside that makes up inland Bibione.

Sporting events for all tastes.

Don’t miss: the Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon (May/September); the Bibione Beach Fitness gathering (September), the Bibione 10-Mile Run and the Bibione Bike Trophy. There’s also A piedi per Bibione (On Foot in Bibione) (May), the Strongmanrun (May), the Bibione Half Marathon (May) and the Bibione Cup ITF Beach Tennis (June).

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