The sea of Bibione, a Blue Flag for children

The crystal-clear waters of Bibione have been worth the coveted Blue Flag for many years now. Discover all the benefits and activities to do in this wonderful sea with your children too!

The sea is, by definition, the most popular destination for summer holidays: breath-taking views, dreamy waterfront, pristine beaches are the perfect postcard for an unforgettable break from everyday life and its rhythms. Rhythms that, especially for parents, can be very stressful (although very beautiful).

The vast majority of Italians opt for a beach holiday thanks to the versatility that the coastal locations offer. There are lovers of social life, always in search of glamour, loud bars and chic fun, and then there are families instead that want to enjoy the beauty of crystal-clear waters far from the chaos, without giving up the needs of the little ones. Indeed, giving them the best memories.

All benefits of a beach holiday

Choosing a beach vacation for your holidays is not just a matter of taste. Seawater has unique therapeutic powers in the world for the soul and the body, and the credit goes to the winning mix between salt and iodine.

Why does iodine do so well, and why do you have to go to the sea to breathe it? Because this natural element, which is present in high concentration in marine waters, is released further thanks to the solar rays, which propagate it. This process favours assimilation.

Iodine has anti-tumour properties, accelerates the metabolism and regulates pressure: all of which are health benefits, closely linked to the anti-stress power of a holiday with a sea view. After all, who knows this better than a mother and father? The tight rhythms that work imposes, combined with the needs of family life, weigh heavily on the body, causing stress levels to rise. Experts advise choosing the pure relaxation of beach holidays to quickly recover from professional fatigue and get back in shape. Not to mention that, compared to other destinations, this one definitely has an extra weapon: it makes the little ones happy, develops the propensity to socialize in children and promotes the production of antibodies, essential factors in growth processes. There is no need for anything else to convince you to have a beach holiday, right?

The wonderful sea of Bibione, Blue Flag 2019

Italy is among the countries in the world with the best coastal stretches of excellence and it is not difficult to believe it: just look at its sea, its beaches, and the offered services. Focusing on Northern Italy, there is a destination that – above all – stands out for its family-friendly features. It is Bibione, district of San Michele al Tagliamento, in that part of Veneto bordering on Friuli Venezia-Giulia.

Set between Jesolo and Lignano Sabbiadoro, two places of summer nightlife, Bibione is known as the “little jewel of Veneto”, and for those who visit it, it’s easy to understand why. Rich in services, it is considered by tourists to be one of the best child-friendly places so that Italian and foreign visitors (mostly from Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe) have made the sea of Bibione the second most frequented in Italy, touching the six million presences.

Overlooking the Adriatic, Bibione stands out for its award-winning crystalline sea, for those clean and uncontaminated waters that have been worth the long-awaited Blue Flag for years. Characterized by an intense blue colour, they gently slope down. And what’s better for children, than being able to play safely by the sea? With their balloons, buckets and palettes, the children colour the shore of Bibione. Under the eye of mom and dad, but also of a careful and trained rescue service.

Why is Bibione perfect for children?

But what makes Bibione the perfect destination for a holiday with children, apart from the Blue Flag sea? Without any doubt the beach that, first of all, is really huge and full of spaces for the game, slides and swings, animation activities, baby club and junior club. It is a wide beach, but above all clean: Bibione holds the virtuous supremacy of “Italy’s first smoke-free beach”. Here you cannot smoke except in the designated spaces, there are no butts between the sand and the air – on the shore as from the first to the last row of the umbrellas – is very clean.

After all, passive smoking is the worst enemy for the youngest ones: it can cause irreversible damage to the lungs and other vital organs and promote the development of chronic diseases in adolescence. Thus, Bibione has decided to intervene. First, by introducing the ban along the shoreline and – from the summer of 2019 – prohibiting smoking along all the 8 kilometres of its shore (with the exception of the reserved areas, built behind the last row of umbrellas). Breathing clean air is thus an absolute certainty, here: the assimilation of carcinogenic substances is avoided and the body is allowed the complete absorption of vitamin D which – given off by sunlight – is vital for humans and essential for children. Which, here, really find their clean little paradise.

Bibione of water sports

And if you are traveling with older children? It is good to know that pure air and crystal-clear sea are the backdrop to the Bibione of water sports. Sports designed not only for adults, experts or amateurs alike, but also for kids thanks to the presence of excellent facilities.

Golden beach and expanses of lush nature offer here perfect spaces for practicing the typical summer sports, starting from that kayak, which is made magical by the possibility of proceeding along the water on the lagoon. The particular exposure on the Adriatic coast is also ideal for windsurfing.

Because Bibione is child-friendly even in sport. On the beach, you can rent parafly and towable inflatables like the Banana Boot or the Crazy Ufo, and rely on the many schools present to give their children courses on swimming, windsurfing, SUP and other disciplines. And, if you are looking for something even more exciting and exclusive, you can even enrol kids at the sailing school. Are you more traditionalists, and would you like to dedicate yourself to something more peaceful? You can opt for the typical summer entertainment for adults and children such as pedal boat and boat hire and sport fishing, both at sea and in the inland waters of the Tagliamento River (where you can fish for trout and carp): activities to be carried out, strictly, together with mom and dad. Or maybe in the company of grandparents.

And the beach? With its 8 kilometers, it offers many opportunities of fun for the very young, who can try beach volleyball or beach tennis. Or, they can take part in the activities of animation and mini-club, making many little friends while the parents enjoy a bit of well-deserved relaxation.

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