The centre of Bibione: how to reach it and which services it offers

Bibione enjoys a centre, very close to the seafront, full of services, restaurants and shops. We’ll take you to the discovery of its beating heart!

The centre of Bibione is very close to the seafront. This means that it is an area not only full of services, shops and restaurants, but it also has a great location near the sea.

Would you like to find out how to reach it? Would you like to know what services it offers and whether it is open to traffic? Read on to discover the centre of Bibione.

How to get to Bibione

Bibione is an island connected by a bridge to the mainland and almost completely overlooking the sea; therefore its central area is so close to the seafront. We are located in Veneto, exactly in the province of Venice, but we are very close to Friuli Venezia Giulia: only the last section of the river Tagliamento before the estuary separates us from Lignano (Friuli!

But how you can reach Bibione and its centre? By car, coming from the west, it is advisable to leave at the toll station Portogruaro on the A4 motorway (route Venice – Trieste); Bibione is only 35 km away and is located in the direction of Trieste. Coming from the east, on the A23 (Tarvisio – Udine) motorway, take the exit Latisana and follow the directions for Lignano, then at the roundabout in the locality of Picchi, at the first exit follow the signs for Bibione (only 25 km from the toll station). To get to the centre, follow the signs of the provincial road SP74, which will take you to the bridge from where you can get to Bibione. From Via Pineda continue on Corso del Sole and you will soon be in the most central area of the resort.

To reach Bibione by train, you have to get off at Latisana if you come from Trieste and in Portogruaro if you come from Venice. There is a bus service to Bibione at both stations. Always by bus, you can travel with the means of transport of the company ATVO, which depart from Venice, Treviso, Belluno and Udine.

Finally, you can arrive by plane at the airports of Venice and Treviso, and from there you will reach Bibione by bus, train or renting a car.

il centro di bibione

Limited traffic zone on summer in the centre of Bibione

In the centre of Bibione in summer, you have to switch off the motor of the cars in some hours. In fact, traffic is restricted in some areas. From the end of May until the first week of September, Viale delle Costellazioni, Viale Aurora and Via delle Colonie are closed to traffic from 7 pm to midnight. During the same period, the pedestrian zone is active in Via delle Costellazioni between Via Andromeda and Via Maja all day.

On the other hand, the limited traffic zone is active in Viale dei Ginepri, from via degli Ontani to Via dei Gelsomini from the beginning of July to the beginning of September from 8:30 pm to 11 pm.

So, in these central areas in the evening you can walk comfortably and quietly without the trouble of cars (which in any case are not particularly annoying in Bibione). This also helps to make Bibione a quiet holiday destination.

il centro di bibione

The services of the centre

Viale Aurora and the adjacent streets to the centre of Bibione are full of shops and restaurants. Together with the beaches, the sea and the spa, our resort offers you many other activities, but above all useful services such as hairdressers, a veterinarian who has an agreement with our Pet Hotels, banks and pharmacies!

There are also many shops for shopping, even in the evening, as they are open until late on summer. Then, in the centre you can find pizzerias, bars, restaurants and many other places to eat and/or have fun. If you are a lover of the genre, in Bibione you cannot miss the opportunity to eat in one of our famous fish restaurants, which can count on the fresh catch of the Venetian lagoon.

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