Bibione beach, a smoke-free paradise full of fun

Bibione, with its 8 kilometres of beach, has become one of the most famous seaside resorts in Italy. Read on and find out why Bibione has been ranked among the most populated and busiest beaches on the Peninsula for almost 10 years!

Bibione, with its 8 kilometres of beach, has become one of the most famous seaside resorts in Italy. Ward of the municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento, it extends over that strip of Adriatic coast that goes from Veneto to Friuli Venezia-Giulia.

For almost 10 years, it ranks among the most populated and busiest beaches on the Peninsula, along with the towns on the Riviera of Romagna. But why is Bibione so loved by tourists of all generations? It is easy to say: the city is first of all one of the most easily reachable destinations in Northern Italy, which allows it to accommodate tourists not only from Italy but also from Northern and Eastern Europe, Austria and Germany. Secondly, over the years it has been able to focus on the great versatility of its territory, which allows not only to relax on the beach, but also to enjoy endless possibilities of fun. If you choose to treat yourself to a holiday in Bibione, you can therefore enjoy play areas and entertainment activities for the little ones, excellent facilities for teaching water sports and renting equipment as well as the first “smoke-free” beach in Italy.

Awarded in 2019 with its 25th Blue Flag and – since 2016 – with the Green Flag, Bibione can boast one of the most crystalline seas in our country and “local” sand, which the Tagliamento transports directly from the Dolomites to the sea, without artificial intervention, creating a unique territory.

In Bibione, you don’t breathe smoke, but the scent of the sea

It is a well-known fact that smoking is bad for your health, but perhaps not everyone knows that passive smoking, that breathed by people who are close to smokers, can also be debilitating, especially for children, who could develop chronic diseases with growth. Also quite serious ones, such as lung and breathing problems and even tumours. Moreover, we must not forget that cigarettes are also harmful to the environment, as they are composed of difficult materials to biodegrade and which, if left on the ground, can pollute it, contributing to an increase in the waste load.

So, smoking is a real emergency. An emergency that Bibione has decided to fight (successfully), becoming the first smoke-free beach in Italy. What does smoke-free mean? Literally, “free from smoke”. Here in fact there is a ban on smoking not only along the shore (which has not been possible for some years), but also on the entire beach and the area covered by sunbeds and sun umbrellas, thus allowing all guests of the different sections to breathe the real air of sea and not toxic substances. But if you are a smoker, and you don’t manage to quit smoking, don’t be afraid: you can still take advantage of the spaces used for this purpose, indicated by special easily recognizable signs and built behind the last row of umbrellas, and the outdoor terraces of bars, restaurants and kiosks.

The award-winning coastline: Blue Flag and Green Flag

Also in 2019, the UN agencies for the environment have awarded the beach of San Michele al Tagliamento – Bibione with the special Blue Flag award. This award is given each year to the European and extra-European most beautiful and environmentally friendly beaches.

The choice is made according to the analysis of various criteria, which include characteristics such as the cleaning of sea and of the surrounding coastline, the characteristics of the sand and more technical elements such as the presence of an accurate rescue network and first aid, but also the availability of equipment, games and activities for guests, be they young or old.

Thanks to its crystal clear sea and the many opportunities that the territory and its coast offer, Bibione has received this year its 25th Blue Flag, along with the Green Flag which – assigned by paediatricians – indicates instead the availability of numerous stretches of beach which are “friends of children”. Not to mention that, for some years now, the city can also boast the European Environmental Certification EMAS, assigned to the beaches that implement the best solutions in favour of the environment. Because Bibione cares about excellence, and the well-being of its guests as well.

A beach with a wide range of services

Do you want to give yourself a break from the fast pace of the daily routine? Bibione is the perfect destination for you. And the reason goes to the wide range of services that the coast offers, able to satisfy all tastes and all generations. Because here the keyword is versatility: in Bibione, you can relax, reading a book or sunbathing on the shoreline, but you can also participate in many different activities.

Parents can give their little ones days of pure fun under the guidance of experienced entertainment officers, thanks to the games and entertainment service both on the water and on the beach offered by the Baby Club (3-5 years) and Mini Club (6-12 years). For older children and adults, there is the possibility to try out water sports, even for the first time, thanks to the presence of instructors who will teach them how to do it. To these classic services, more innovative ones are added, such as the presence of an entire area of the beach equipped for four-legged friends, the Pluto Beach.

And if safety is a fundamental value for you to choose your holidays, please consider that in Bibione there are points of first aid and rescue at sea offered by expert lifeguards, as well as clinics available on the service islands with specialized doctors in the first intervention and use of defibrillators. The aim is to offer a rapid and specialized rescue service for anyone in need, for the duration of the summer season. Then there are, for disabled guests, boardwalks and wheel chairs for the sea for more efficient movements even on the sand and in the water. And there are service islands with changing rooms, toilets and nurseries for the little ones, ticket offices and information points and with a very useful Customer Service via SMS.

The beach between innovation and unspoiled paradise

The beach of San Michele al Tagliamento – Bibione extends right in front of the Valgrande, a lagoon and still wild territory that gives the whole area that unique and slightly wild taste of uncontaminated nature. The places are numerous, each of them is special in its own way: tourists can choose to stay in Lido dei Pini, Bibione Spiaggia, Lido del Sole or Bibione Pineda, they can attend Pluto Beach together with their four-legged friends, or opt for the so many areas that offer child-friendly services or are full of attractions and entertainment. Each area, although equipped with sectors for every activity and need, is located not far from the green oasis of the Lagoon and its pine forest, for a relaxing holiday in the midst of a unique ecosystem. At the beach there are also reserved places for guests of nearby hotels and a bike path that runs along the entire coast, and allows you to reach even the most hidden areas, including Lido del Faro. Not forgetting the forest paths, wrapped in the sea breeze, to get to the beach with eyes full of magic.

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