Bibione, fireworks throughout the summer

Discover the many planned events to celebrate the summer in Bibione and the calendar of scheduled fireworks for this year! Reach the coast and enjoy the magic of fireworks, entertainment and events together with your family, your friends and your sweetheart.

There is no celebration without fireworks. From the opening of the Olympics and all the most important sporting events to the celebrations of the New Year, up until the patronal festivities, every noteworthy event ends with pyrotechnic wonders. A long and ancient tradition, which never tires.

After all, everyone loves the spectacular magic of fireworks. Everyone dreams of staying on the beach, looking up at the sky and watching those brushstrokes of colour that pierce the darkness. Yet, according to legend, the origin of this marvel was born almost by chance in the tenth century, when a Chinese monk discovered that a mixture of saltpetre, sulphur and coal allowed for an explosive. The invention was then brought to Europe by the many explorers of the time and, already in the XIV century, in the Old Continent great pyrotechnic shows began to be set up.

Many international and national festivals include fireworks as a central event. One of the most important in the world is the Sydney New Year, as well as the French national holiday of 14th July and that of American independence on 4th July. Then there are real competitions in Omagari in Japan and in Pohang in South Korea, while among the most important attractions there are the Las Fallas in Valencia, which – on the final evening – offer a unique show of its kind. Gigantic papier-mâché figures modelled on famous people and politicians are filled with fireworks and set on fire, giving rise to a unique explosion of its kind.

But, without getting on a plane, even in Italy – especially during the summer – there are so many places that choose to celebrate the most beautiful season with fireworks. Where to go, to enjoy the best shows? In Bibione, of course. Here lights, colours and sounds will dominate for the coming months. Animating a place that, every year, is reached by tourists from all over the country (and not only).

Bibione summer 2019, the many scheduled events

The magic of fireworks has become a tradition that cannot be renounced to celebrate the summer of Bibione. Have you ever seen this show? Know that, every year, thousands of people arrive in the splendid Venetian tourist area to admire the fireworks that enchant adults and children. And, 2019 will certainly be no exception: from 31st May to 12th September, the nights of Bibione, an extraordinary town overlooking the Adriatic Sea, will shine with the thousand colours of fireworks. Lights – which in September will be accompanied by musical events – called to create a truly magical and unmissable combination, to animate a city where the fireworks (to be rigorously enjoyed on the beach) are the highlight of a program rich in events.

There is something for everyone. Sun, sea, relaxation, fun, outdoor life: Bibione is not only a seaside destination with a wonderful beach and a clear sea, suitable for children, but it is also a town whose summer sees many sporting, cultural and food-and-wine events taking place. Without forgetting the concerts and moments dedicated to the family. If you decide to spend your holidays here, you will find a splendid territory to welcome you, all to explore. In addition, a full schedule of appointments, on the beach and in the city. Here, for example, one of the most anticipated concerts of the summer will be held, the one that will see the reunion of Article 31 as protagonist, with J-Ax and Dj Jad ready to return on the stage together after the 10 consecutive sold out recorded in Milan.

But, the program of Bibione Beach Live, also includes several musical events with free admission.

On 28th June, Carmen Consoli, Marina Rei and Eva Pevarello will be on stage, three concerts in one for an evening of great music. If, on the other hand, you are not interested in music but have an immense sporting spirit, consider that the hamlet of San Michele al Tagliamento is ready to satisfy you, with events dedicated to Beach Volleyball, fitness and foot and bike races. A breath-taking calendar for sports lovers. And if you want to experience the gastronomic offer of the area, you can take part in the Septemberfest Bibione dedicated to flavours and tradition.

Bibione summer 2019: the calendar of fireworks shows

However, it is precisely the magic of fireworks that identifies the summer of Bibione. Like all previous years, 2019 also includes a long calendar dedicated to pyrotechnic shows: a unique moment for families, for children and … for young lovers! Do you want to enjoy one or more of these shows from the beach? Here is the complete calendar:

  • 31/05 – Short-format show – Bibione sports field – 10.30 pm
  • 09/06 – Beach in front of Piazzale Zenith – 11 pm
  • 14/07 – Beach in front of Piazzale Zenith – 11 pm
  • 25/07 – Beach in front of Camping Tridente – 11 pm
  • 08/08 – Beach in front of Camping Capalonga – 11 pm
  • 15/08 – Beach in front of Piazzale Zenith – 11 pm
  • 22/08 – Beach in front of Camping Lido – 11 pm
  • 29/08 – Beach in front of Piazzale Adriatico – 11 pm
  • 12/09 – Fireworks to the beat of Music – Beach in front of Piazzale Zenith – 11 pm

In case of bad weather, the events will be postponed to the following day.

Among the many scheduled evenings, on 8th August there will also be the occasion to attend the Festival Show, a touring concert organized by Radio Birikina and Radio Bellla&Monella with famous guests and emerging artists. Or to admire the fireworks show at the Beach in front of Camping Capalonga. On 12th September there will be the evening dedicated to flavours and tradition with Septemberfest, an event that will end with fireworks to the rhythm of music at the Beach in front of Piazzale Zenith.

The best places to admire the fireworks in Bibione

By now, you will have understood: the fireworks will light up the evenings of Bibione and will enliven another unforgettable summer. However, where can you go to watch the fireworks show better? The ideal place to fall in love with Bibione is certainly its wonderful beach: a long stretch where you can walk or lie down on the shore to admire the spectacle built in the sky.

From Bibione Pineda to Lido dei Pini, immerse yourself in the natural paradise that makes Bibione one of the most appreciated and visited places in Italy. For those who want to breathe the sea air and the scent of the Mediterranean flora, the perfect place to admire the fireworks is the Adriatic Shoreline Trip: fourteen kilometres to enjoy them in total relaxation, or in which to bring children safely thanks to the total absence of cars. Lots of space to admire the sun rising or setting and – at night – the lights, sounds and colours of fireworks. In perfect harmony with the environment. Because Bibione charms, fascinates and conquers anyone who decides to know it and discover it.

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