Where to fish in Bibione: There is not only the sea

You can do many activities in Bibione, including sports fishing! Let’s find out everything we need to know to fish in our locality!

dove pescare a Bibione

You can do many activities in Bibione, including sports fishing, which is loved by many Italian and foreign anglers. But where can you fish in Bibione? Certainly at sea, but not only, even on the river Tagliamento!

Beware, however, that the two types of fishing, in the sea and on the river, are subject to slightly different regulations. Let’s then discover how to be in compliance with the sports fishing in Bibione, but we also see where and what you can fish in our beautiful Veneto territory.

Sea-Fishing License

Let’s start from our beautiful and fish-rich sea waters: the license of fishing at sea can be obtained free of charge, registering on the site of the Ministry of Agricultural Food, Forestry and Tourism (www.politicheagricole.it).

With regard to fishing in the river, you must pay the permit according to the tariffs set by the Veneto region for inland fishing, if you have not already obtained the fishing license in your region of origin. Foreign tourists can get a D-type license, valid for three months, paying also the required reduced taxes. To be in order, you must bring with you the receipt of the license payment and an identity document.

Deep-sea fishing in Bibione Pineda

Now that we have seen how to be in order, let’s discover the areas for deep-sea fishing in Bibione. In the locality of Pineda, boats sail from the Baseleghe port to practice this type of fishing at sea; Charter services for fishing trips are offered here, so if you do not have your own boat, you can still devote yourself to deep-sea fishing thanks to these services offered in the marina.

Fishing at sea is also possible from the beach between the mouth of the Tagliamento and the dewatering pump Santa Croce, which includes, in addition to Porto Baselghe, Porto Falconera and Porto Santa Margherita.

dove pescare a Bibione

Fishing on the river Tagliamento

But in Bibione there is not only the sea. You can fish on the Tagliamento River, near the mouth that reaches the sea and the canals. Attention: Before the mouth, the fishing is to be considered in inland waters and it is necessary to have the chargeable permission, only then you can use the free sea-fishing license. If you are fond of trout and carp, the Tagliamento is the river for you, but in the area there are also many other fish species.

What to fish in Bibione

We have trout (rainbow trout, marbled trout, and brown trout) and carp, but not only! In the river, in the sea and in the canals of Bibione you can fish eels, umbrine, flounders, seabasses, gold breams, thinlip mullets, striped bream, rudds, chubs, crucians, twaite shads, pigoes, pikes, perches, graylings, barbels, big-scale sand smelts and skates.

The haul, therefore, is very varied and in Bibione you can put into practice different techniques of fishing, from the deep sea to the surf casting. And if you cannot fish anything, do not be demoralized: in Bibione there are also many excellent seafood restaurants!

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