Where to eat fish in Bibione: 10 restaurants where you can lick one’s lips

What could be better than to enjoy a nice fish dish when you spend your holidays by the sea? Nothing! That’s why we would like to show you where to eat fish in Bibione.

What could be better than to enjoy a nice fish dish when you spend your holidays by the sea? Nothing! That’s why we would like to show you where to eat fish in Bibione. But not only where, we will explain also why we eat fish here.

Bibione, in fact, is not far from Chioggia, renowned for its fish market and for its fish production of oily fishes. The area of San Michele al Tagliamento also offers organic fish from the Valgrande fishing valley, bred without drugs and artificial feed. Therefore, in the seafood restaurants of Bibione you can taste both fresh fish caught in the Adriatic and the healthy and organic farmed fish. Every eatery can count on the fresh catch of the Venetian lagoon, luckily, which not all Italian sea resorts can boast.

The 10 best seafood restaurants in Bibione

But, what are the best seafood restaurants in Bibione? TripAdvisor and its community of reviewers tell us this. So let’s see what are the top 10 most popular restaurants for the fish offer among 25 restaurants on the well-known review site.


At the top of TripAdvisor’s ranking we find the Restaurant Pizzeria Wunderbar in Viale Aurora 70, in the centre of Bibione. The clients seem to appreciate this local not only for the quality of the fish (fresh) but also for the abundance of the courses. He also promoted the pizzas.

Restaurant Pizzeria Pineda

In second place we find the Restaurant Pizzeria Pineda in Via del Sagittario 26, which strikes for its beautiful and lush garden where you can eat during the summer season; the regular guests find it very relaxing and fresh. Clients who have reviewed this restaurant on TripAdvisor have appreciated the freshness of the fish, in addition to the taste and variety of the recipes proposed.


In third position on TripAdvisor the Restaurant Pizzeria Primoamore stand out, which distinguish itself for its varied menu and for honest prices. This is also located in the central and very popular Viale Aurora, at number 28. The clients have appreciated the freshness of the fish and the composition of the dishes, because even the eye wants its part.

Da Zio Stefano

In fourth position we find the seafood Restaurant Da Zio Stefano in Via del Sagittario 25. In a quiet and secluded position from the main boulevard, this place offers fresh seafood every day and special dishes. Clients particularly appreciate the service and high quality of the prepared dishes. The bill is usually considered fair.

 Restaurant Paron

In Corso del Sole 214 we find the fifth best fish restaurant in Bibione according to TripAdvisor, the Restaurant Paron. The clients seem to appreciate in particular the service and the kindness of the staff who, along with the good food, never fail. The pizzas and the second fish dishes met the taste of the guests.

Restaurant Pizzeria Las Vegas

Particularly appreciated is the abundance of the sixth fish restaurant in Bibione by TripAdvisor, the Las Vegas in Via Delfino 68. Also promoted the prices and the variety of the menu. According to some clients, it is a more family friendly place with children thanks to the entertainment for the little ones. So if you have children, you can take them quietly here and have dinner with fish, pizza or other dishes from the rich menu.

Restaurant Sans Souci

In seventh place of the TripAdvisor ranking we meet the Restaurant Sans Souci in Viale Italia 7, not far from the beaches of Lido del Sole. Clients particularly appreciate the local seafood cuisine and the friendliness of the staff. Also promoted the prices that most regular guests consider honest.

Restaurant Pizzeria San Marco

Let’s go back to Viale Aurora, but this time at number 39, for the eighth best TripAdvisor venue, the Restaurant Pizzeria San Marco. Many of the clients who have reviewed it have promoted the mixed fry, considered dry at the right point and very flavorful.

Restaurant Pizzeria Amore

We conclude this ranking with the Restaurant Pizzeria Amore in Via delle Costellazioni 15. Some clients have appreciated the service and the staff. Nothing to say about fish too. Promoted the pizza by the meter, in addition to the traditional pizzas.

Here we have presented only a selection of the seafood restaurants of Bibione. If you spend your holidays here, you will find many others. If in addition to the restaurant, you are also looking for a hotel to stay in, we invite you to book from our online booking service: many of the hotels that are part of our network have an internal restaurant and also offer excellent local seafood dishes to their guests.

So, did you feel like eating fish? Yup? Good! Bibione and its restaurants are waiting for you.

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